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Are you looking for a new challenge or an extra income and do you like working with people?

Filamon - as an independent Vianesse sales partner – would like to help people with the following qualities:

Enterprising, ambitious, open minded, persevering people, interested in the helping of others and with a positive mentality.

Filamon works closely in conjunction with Vianesse GmbH and the most important Vianesse partners in the Netherlands and has direct contacts with the founder of the company.

This means that you get a high-value training and accompaniment by people with a broad experience in team marketing.

VIANESSE is a young, dynamic company with a high-value line of nutrition supplements and skincare products on a purely natural basis.

In order to get our products known among the growing group of people who have problems with obesity, tiredness and for example, bowel complaints, we are looking for satisfied clients who are motivated to accompany other people and to help them with their health, as a sales partner of Vianesse.

Working with Vianesse has the following advantages:

  1. Products with long-lasting action.
  2. Products that have been developed at the university.
  3. Products that are patented worldwide.
  4. Products that are exclusively sold by Vianesse sales partners.
  5. Products against purchase price.
  6. Extra part-time or full-time income.
  7. Marketing plan with possibilities to work worldwide.
  8. No compulsory minimum off-take.
  9. No catch-up possibilities by our own sales partners.
  10. A bonus-dividend that isn’t fixedly limited.
  11. Products that get used and therefore provide monthly sales.
  12. Accompaniment by experienced Vianesse sales partners.
  13. Training, seminars and conferences.
  14. Work from home.

A couple more facts:

The nutrition and health market is a rapidly growing market with a lot of future possibilities.

The amount of people who are overweight and who have all the problems that this brings is increasing. You can help these people get rid of their problems.

VIANESSE is patented worldwide; there are no limits to your work terrain.

VIANESSE is a young company with a lot of potential, the possibilities for pioneers are limitless.

Next to the appealing additional income,
Vianesse offers you excellent career possibilities. By following training, you can expand your career. Our concept is new and unique, it is a new way of undertaking; one where work, free time and family life are effortlessly combinable.

If you want more information about working together with
Vianesse, then please send us an e-mail to info@filamon.be and we will contact you as soon as possible.